No Boundary Labs

We offer border-less laboratories cinfiguration. We Plan your computing environment taking into account your various needs.

We ensure that the server/s are available from any computer in any laboratory. The computer can be a Windows, Linux (Any flavor), Solaris or Mac.

These computers can seamlessly connect to our configured servers. Any application software can be run on any of these computers.

This makes your laboratories boundary-less.

You can conduct Database practicals in a Computer Network laboratory or Data Structures practicals in your Web Technology laboratory. This really provides a great flexibility in the exercise of making the time tables.

We also go to an extent of creating one database per user, one web directory per user which are accessible from any computer in your network.


Installation of easy to access Linux servers

We specialize in installation and configuration of Linux Servers. We specialize in installations of Linux Web, Database, Development, Application, Storage, Authentication, Proxy servers or any combination of these servers.

These servers are configured for Linux, Windows, Solaris and Mac connectivity.

The servers can be setup anywhere in your network and depending on the network configuration, are accessible from anywhere in the network. This access is completely seamless and does not interfere with existing network and other configurations.

Users can log in into these Linux servers through a GUI and start using the server applications or server storage allocated to them.

A large number of server applications can be made available from the servers such as databases, web, Electrical and Electronic simulators, NetBeans, Eclipse, Octave, Scilab to name a few.

This easy Linux connectivity ensures a very easy and smooth learning curve and easy acceptability by the users.

We also offer a Linux installation server, using which you can install Linux on any computer in the network using network.

The storage in the servers is central and only the home directories need to be backed up. Making the backup work light.



Linux Training

Our team members have a distinction of having conducted Short Term Training Programs (STTPs) for engineering colleges such as Sipna in Amaravati and Vidyalankar Institute of Technology in Mumbai on Linux.

Many of us have also worked as professors for various engineering colleges. Almost all of us are exceptionally skilled and gifted teachers.

We can help you conduct many different types of training programs viz. FDPs (Faculty Development Programs) and Student training programs.

Faculty Development Programs

FDPs will surely help you score points in the accreditation system and also make your faculty members  aware of using Linux effectively. This will surely help you avoid Licensed software for most of your requirements.

This leads to saving your costs of ownership without any compromise in the quality of training. These FDPs are planned with the above in focus and with the exception of a few specialized modules, is planned for teachers of all subjects and categories.

Students training program syllabus

Today, even the corporates are under immense pressure to reduce their input and production costs while delivering a better quality product. The corporates too are switching to Linux in a big way. (70% of the world's web servers use Linux.)

There is really a severe shortage of trained manpower to handle Linux installations.  Our program tries to focus precisely on this aspect.

We train the students from basic installation to configuration and management of various services offered by a Linux server.

In other words we increase a student's chances of getting a decent job.

Our new batch is starting on 2nd January 2019

After doing this training course, the student can achieve commercial certifications such as RHCE, RHCT  from RedHat.


Save Money Without compromising on Quality

That's our motto.

Value = Quality / Cost.

We improve the quality of your computing environment while reducing the costs. The value automatically goes up.

We make your work environment safer

Once you install Linux and start using it, you avoid two types of pests, the actual viruses and the guys representing paid software companies who are always looking for some piracy issues to penalize you.