The services that we offer

Novell Netware 2.12 and 3.12

Anything that you need in Novell Netware 2.12 and 3.12. Remote booting disks, Volume repair, Dara Recovery, Configuring a new Netware Server..


Installation of Solaris 9,10. Access to solaris servers from a Linux server. Installation of c, c++ and Java development environments


Server Installations of CEntOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Arch Linux.

These include

  • Remote un-attended installation servers
  • Remote Booting servers
  • Application servers
  • File Servers
  • Proxy servers
  • Firewalls
  • Storage servers
  • Common Authentication servers.....


  • Application servers
  • Terminal Servers
  • File Servers


In remote booting, We support all the processors starting from a C3 or an atom to an i5 clients, with almost any chip-set, with memory ranging from 32MB to 4 GB or more. The computers do not need to have and HDD or even a floppy drive connected to it. Even the USB storage devices may or may not be supported on the individual clients. This makes the client absolutely data safe. there is no chance of data theft from the clients.

We make our own boot ROMS or even support PXE boot that comes built in into most modern LAN chip-sets. We make our own small footprint operating systems for this purpose



Corporate Training

This mostly involves, training the users on some very specific and most frequently used applications such as spread sheets and word.

In some companies where a lot of developmental activities are done the training involves kernel internals or Python or PHP.

Academic Training

This involves training to the trainers and training to the students.

Our training to the trainers ensures that the trainers gain absolute control and mastery over the applications they are supposed to train the students on. It also involves use of VNC to create a wonderful training environment and also use of web technology to publish the study material and / or assignments for the students. In short we ensure that this training encourages the trainers to use Linux rather than sticking to the old and outdated technologies. The trainers training typically lasts for around 15 hours- completely hands on.

The students training is however totally different. It starts from something as basic as how does a computer start, goes through the  basics of Linux, installation of Linux, space considerations, LVM, RAID etc. User and group control, management of Linux network devices and their configurations, route configurations, configurations and optimizations of various services. Interconnectivity of Windows, Solaris and Linux. We make the students capable of becoming a Linux server administrator. After completing this training the student can easily pass the commercial certification exams like RHCSA, RHCE etc.  This complete training is hands on. We offer this training free to deserving candidates.


We can offer internships to deserving students on Building small footprint operating systems, LAMP technology and Python application development.

Project Assistance

We provide project assistance to B.E. and M.E. students.

Some of our esteemed customers are

M/S. Navnit Motors Pvt. Ltd., Thane

M/S. Solitaire Honda, Borivali

ICLES Motilal Jhunjhunwala College of Arts Science and Commerce, Vashi

C.O.E.P. Pune.