Server Installations

Could your employees work form home on YOUR servers? Could your students login to YOUR servers and complete their assignments / practicals from home?

Or you had to hire some cloud services at exhorbitant costs?

We can surely help you setup your own servers and environment for work from home scenario.

Please feel free to seek more details.

We Install, Configure and Tweak

  • Application servers
  • Mail Servers
  • Web servers
  • Database servers
  • Common Authentication servers
  • Virtualization servers

Our main area of specialization are Red Hat, CEentOS, Ubuntu and Fedora Core


We provide training services to colleges and corporates.

For Colleges

The training includes separate modules for teachers and students.

For Corporates

We provide training to corporate at a very basic level like logging in, using open office / Libre Office / WPS office. Basic backing up of data, using mail server ans many more things.

At an advanced level we train the users in firewalls, security, configurations and and kernel tweaking.

Since 1993

Why Linux?

Linux is an open source operating system. There are no licensing issues. It is very very thrifty on the use of the available hardware. It is very very secure , does not get affected by viruses and is completely configurable to satisfy almost any users' needs.

Why Should I use it?

Linux saves licensing costs. It saves anti virus software costs.

Linux improves the overall security of your data and eliminates the risk of viruses

If you are a college

You stand to gain some very very important points in your gradation during NAAC or NBC on the account of

  • Having open source
  • Having all the latest softwares
  • Having a plethora of technologies in a single network
  • Having a separate login, mail, database and web account for every student
  • You can even install a free software to completely automate your college library
  • A completely free software for complete digital learning exercise for your students and your teachers

There are numerous advantages of using Linux.

Today most of the websites and almost all the web based applicatiuons use LAMP(Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) architecture. When you install Linux, alll this becomes automatically available to your students.

For academic institutions, Linux offers the above advantages along with the fact that Latest c, c++, Java compilers come free with Linux. Even softwares like OpenGL, perl, Python are built in into Linux. Electronic Circuit simulators, Scilab, a matlab like software, R a programming tool for statistics and popular RAD tools like NetBeans and Eclipse are available on Linux. Even CAD software like QCAD, FreeCAD are available which can save on the cost of ownership.

There are a plethora of jobs available for Linux experts. If you do not have Linux, your are depriving your students of a lot of job opportunities.

If you are a corporate

For corporate, where mainly spread sheets and the word documents are used extensively, there are multiple free office suites available. There is Open Office, Libre Office, WPS Office.

Then Why do the corporates shy away from Linux?

Vested interests in the corporate environments oppose migration to Linux.

Where Do We come in THE Picture?

If all the Linux is free, what is the role of Aparna Web Services?

In General

Well, it starts with the planning, installation and configuration of the servers. Addition of users with correct permissions, so that all the users and their data can exist on the server. The users can have a centralized access to all the applications,  even from home.

For Colleges

Installation and configuration of

  • E-books that you have.
  • Academic software like MOODLE
  • Library Automation
  • The automated backups¬† so that the user data is never lost.
  • Creation of separate individual user database on MySQL
  • Creation of individual Web directory for individual user

For Corporate

  • Automated backup and backup of the backups
  • Proper installation of mail server
  • Office applications

If the installed software is unused by the users, there is no point having it there! This is where training of the users of different categories comes into the picture.